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December 2016 - September 2017

Pančevo Hospital serves around 300,000 people across the South Banat region. SAMA first visited Pančevo Hospital during our trip to Serbia in October 2016. The conditions at the hospital in Pancevo are absolutely below the minimum requirements for any type of health care facility. The internal medicine and hospital reception departments are in a particularly bad state, with poor sanitary conditions, water leaks in a number of places, and old and inadequate furniture. Both of these departments are in desperate need of major renovations, however the cost of these projects is way beyond SAMA’s current means. Following our visit, we met with Dr. Slobodan Ovuka, director of the hospital to discuss a possible collaboration with SAMA, We learned that government funding had been secured, for renovation, which were scheduled to begin in June 2017. 

During this discussion, it was brought to our attention that the urology department lacked a functional ultrasound system. Instead urology patients were taken to the radiology department, which is quite remote, even for basic diagnostic screenings. In 2016, the hospital performed 1,600 ultrasound screenings for urology patients through the radiology department. Having a new ultrasound system will greatly assist hospital staff by increasing access to ultrasound screenings, improving the quality of treatment, and providing greater patient comfort overall.

In July 27, 2017, the new Mindray DC-N3 Ultrasound System was delivered. The new system will greatly improve the quality of health care for patients, enabling doctors to provide complete diagnostic treatments within the Urology Department. The funds for this donation were collected at the SAMA Walk in Washington DC and the SAMA-Canada Walk in Toronto, Canada.


December 2016 - October 2017

During our October 2016 trip to Serbia, we visited Užice General Hospital and met with Dr. Aleksandra Vračarić, then deputy director of the Užice Health Center (and hospital) and Dr. Dara Savić-Bozović, head of the Pediatrics and Neonatology Department. Užice General Hospital is government funded and is the fourth largest hospital in Serbia, serving about 350,000 people in the Zlatibor district. 

The hospital was in need of defibrillator with pediatric paddles. In addition, there was only one functioning ultrasound system in this entire hospital, servicing over 16,000 cases in 2014, and over 27,000 cases in 2015. 

In discussions with Dr. Vračarić, we decided to purchase the Nihon-Kohden TEC5631 K defibrillator. SAMA worked with Trivax DDO in Belgrade, a local distributor for Nihon-Kohden equipment in Serbia, to procure the defibrillator. On March 27th, the new defibrillator was successfully delivered.

On Monday, October 2nd, 2017, SAMA representatives Dr. Ivan Aksentijevich, Mr. Branko Palikuća and Mr. Zoran Mladenović visited the Užice Hospital to officially deliver Mindray DC-70 Ultrasound system.  The funds were collected during the Chicago Fundraiser in May 2017, sponsored by Mr.  Palikuća at his restaurant Amber Café in Chicago.

After recieving the equipment, Dr. Aleksandra Vračarić, former deputy General Manager of the HC Užice said: “Nemam reči da se zahvalim gospodinu Palikući (već sam kontaktirala sa njim posle donatorske večere) i Vašoj organizaciji, kao i svim donatorima na velikoj pomoći našoj ustanovi.” (I have no words to express our gratitude to Mr. Palikuća, your organization, and all the donors for this donation to our Hospital.”).

October 2017 - November 2017

During 2017 SAMA Open Tournament we collected funds to purchase new mattresses for the  OB/GYN department in Prijedor and Gradiška Hospitals, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Patients were using mattresses that have not been changed since 1975!!!   Attached, please find pictures of some representative “samples”.

Working with local manufacturer in Gradiška, we were able to procure 62 new mattresses targeted for hospital use with covers that can be easily removed and sterilized. We procured total of 62 mattresses, 40 for hospital in Prijedor and 22 for hospital in Gradiška. The mattresses were delivered in early November. With this donation, all beds in OB/GYN wards of these hospitals got new mattresses.

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