The HC in Požega serves the municipalities of Požega and Kosjerić. These municipalities are located along the very busy North/South highway (“Ibarska magistrala”).

The recent flooding in the region significantly affected both municipalities, resulting in damage to key medical instruments, IT equipment, laptops etc. After the water receded, two feet of mud was left to be cleaned. SAMA responded quickly and provided medical cleaning supplies and disinfectants in May. More information about this initiative can be found above. 


Soon thereafter, we from Dr. Vera Matović, director of the HC, that they were in need of a working ultrasound system.  SAMA received very competitive offer from Medigala d.o.o. in Belgrade, for a Mindray Z6 Ultrasound System, which typically costs ~$20k. Also, SAMA was excluded from paying import duties or a PDV of 20%.

This project gained some media attention, which can be found here!

New Mindray-Z6 Ultrasound system
New Mindray-Z6 Ultrasound system

New Ultrasound System donated by SAMA