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The Serbian American Medical Association (SAMA) is a nonprofit organization whose primary mission is to improve healthcare conditions, accessibility, and medical education across the Balkans by donating medical equipment, renovating hospital infrastructure and providing mentorship to health providers. We come from all parts of former Yugoslavia, live across North America, and are professionals in both medical and non-medical fields. We are united by a profound desire to have an impact and a belief in a better future for the Balkans. 


Mart 23, 2020:  At the request of Mr.Đorđe Milošević, Foreign Policy Adviser to the Prime Minister of Serbia, we are posting these two links:

Reminder:  SAMA has no association with any government

January 6, 2020:  SAMA members, Zoran Mladenovic and Ivan Aksentijevich, were guests on Radio Beograd morning show "Jutarnji Program". 

SAMA na Radio Beograd Jan 6_2020
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December 28, 2019: SAMA members, Zoran Mladenovic and Ivona Aksentijevich, delivered a very needed new ultrasound system to the department of gynecology at the Hospital of Čačak.  This donation worth over $ 33,000.00  will help over 3,000 women each year to have easier access to quality care on time.   The department of gynecology did not have a ultrasound machine for more than two years, causing women to have to wait to be seen at other hospital departments or having to spend money seeking help in the private sector. 

Thank you to all of you of have made this gift possible!


November 29, 2019: Zoran and Jelena Mladenović celebrated their family Slava,  St. Mrata , and collected $ 2,650.00 in donations for SAMA!  


Thank you Zoran, Jelena and their guests for their generosity and for making their Slava celebration even more meaningful.

November 14, 2019: Zoran and Snežana Dragačevac celebrated their family Slava, St. Cosmas and Damian, and collected $ 1,330.00 to help SAMA in its mission!  


Thank you Snežana and Zoran and their guests for their generosity and for making their Slava celebration even more meaningful.

May 18, 2019: SAMA 7th Annual DC Walk

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May 11, 2019:       Srbijana Humanitarian Concert

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April 10, 2019:     Dacia Duster to Hospital Knjazevac

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