In the late 1990's, following years of political and civil conflict in the region, we identified a huge need for medical resources across the Balkans.  Initially, we organized small transfers of medical supplies and medications from the U.S. with help from family and friends.  However, we soon realized the potential to have a greater impact. 


We come from all parts of former Yugoslavia, live across North America, and are professionals in both medical and non-medical fields. We are united by a profound desire to have an impact and a belief in a better future for the Balkans.  We are a large enough community, who feel equally compelled to give back!   SAMA was formed with the goals to:

- Provide humanitarian assistance through targeted donations of equipment or infrastructure

- Support medical education, mentorship and improve data driven healthcare in general.

- Organize Serbian-American healthcare professionals living in the U.S.​

SAMA was registered in Maryland in 2009 and was granted 501(c)(3) status in September 2010.


SAMA’ s activities are supported by its membership dues, donations, and grants.  Education and Humanitarian programs will enable SAMA to achieve its planned exempt purpose. These activities will be supported by volunteers, fundraising activities, donations, and grants.



We are 100% transparent. From the selection of projects, to the collection of funds and implementation of projects, we document and share all of our progress with you. 


Our model is simple: people helping people. We have no hierarchy, no "middle-men", and no political , religious or other agenda. We simply want to help. With this model, we minimize overhead costs, form strong relationships, and remain inclusive.


We stay close to our mission at all times. All projects are carefully assessed for feasibility and impact, to ensure that your donations are maximized. 


Ivan Aksentijevich


Verica Senisic

Board Member

Aleksandra Savic
Board Member/ SAMA Canada
Milos Jokovic
Board Member
Zoran Mladenovic

Vice President/treasurer

Milena Aksentijevich

Board Member

Branko Palikuca
Board Member
Zlata Jovanovic

Board Member