Bor, Zajecar, and Knjazevac General Hospitals 


We met with the directors of three major hospitals in Bor, Knjazevac and Zajecar.  Infrastructure of these hospitals is in dire need of repair, unfortunately beyond our scope (See photos).  


However, Dr. Miroslav Stojanović, general manager of the  HC Zaječar, outlined the need to replace the ironing equipment as it is more than 40 years old, and it destroys the bedding that is anyway in short supply.  Together with Dr. Stojanović, we identified the UniMac FCU 2000/500 industrial ironing equipment as the most suitable. Value of this donation is 15,850 euros and will help improve hygiene and preserve linens. 


 Knjazevac municipality is the 4th largest in Serbia and includes 85 villages on predominantly mountainous terrain. Thus, the hospital relies enormously on vehicles to transport patients to the hospital as well as to the tertiary Health Centers. The current vehicles are mostly more than 10 years old and have significant mileage (>500,000kms) making the maintenance prohibitively expensive. SAMA decided to donate a Dacia Duster vehicle that will help somewhat alleviate the current situation. The value of this donation is $19,600. 


APRIL 10, 2019: A new 2019 Dacia Duster off-road patient transportation vehicle has been delivered to the hospital in Knjaževac. According to Mr. Miloš Jovanović, who accepted the donation on behalf of Knjaževac hospital, this is the biggest donation that this hospital has received in the past 20 years! This donation will help significantly with patient transportation needs in the Knjaževac municipality. Verica Seničić delivered the vehicle on behalf of SAMA. New car = better access to health care = lives saved!

Media coverage for this donation can be found here

APRIL 16, 2019: A new Industrial Cylinder Ironer UniMac FCU 2000/500 has been delivered and installed at the Zajecar Health Center. This machine, as well as the new industrial washing machine recently donated by the Government of Serbia, will enable Zajecar Health Center to keep their linens and towels in tip-top shape! Hygiene is key not only for the comfort of patients, but also for reducing the spread of infection.

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