Health Center Lucani

The Health Center in Lučani serves a municipality of about 20,000 people.  Together with the Health Center in Guča, it also serves 8 rural clinics, which are visited by doctors on a weekly basis.

SAMA purchased a new bio-microscope that will enhance the clinic’s diagnostic capabilities. A training session for the device was held on November 9th, and by November 13th, it was already being put to use in patient examinations. Marko Erić from Čačak helped SAMA pro/bono with the transport and delivery of the bio-microscope. We previously assisted this HC in 2016.

TOTAL COST: $8,989.81

The director, Dr Gordana Gašović and physicians and staff were very thankful to all the SAMA donors. Please take a look of the report emitted on Telemark Čačak TV.