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We select projects based on impact and feasibility. If you have a project in mind or know of a hospital that could use some help, please let us know by sending us an email!

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Velika Hoča – Kosovo

1. Otoscope                                              2

2. Pulse oksimeter                                    2

3. Sphyngometer                                      3

4. Bag for emergency care                       1

5. Physicina bag                                       2

Laboratory :

1. System to measure blood CRP level   1



Uniforms for medical workers                 10

Safety vests                                            4

Urgentni Centar Klinickog Centra Vojvodine, Novi Sad

Mobil X-ray unit

Bolnica Pančevo

Bladder volume measurment system

Infektivna Klinika Beograd

Remodeling of pacient room in the HIV/AIDS ward

Note: SAMA looked into this project in 2018, ut could not find qualified worker to do the job. (see pictures from our visit)

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